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Episode 99: Netflix v. Verizon


Does your Netflix video quality look terrible? You’re not alone.

We discuss Netflix’s recent trouble with ISPs such as Verizon and Comcast. No matter how expensive of a plan you were paying for, Netflix was slow and looked bad. Because that’s how the ISPs role.

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Episode 61: Six seconds in heaven


Vine is setting the video blogging world on fire six seconds at a time.

Are you into six second video clips? What if I were to tell you they were sometimes porn clips? Are you interested now?

Well, Vine has some porn on it. Does Apple have a porn problem? Should they care about this? Or is porn just part of life, and Apple should allow it as long as its labeled explicit.

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Tablet users watch video 30 percent longer than desktop OS users

Even mobile users watch videos longer than desktop OS users. This has implications for content and user expectations:

Tablet users averaged 30 percent more viewing time per session compared with desktops, according to data released this week by Ooyala, a provider of video services to major brands. Tablet users also tended to be more engaged, finishing videos at nearly twice the rate as desktop users.

For each minute of video watched on a desktop, tablet users watched for one minute 17 seconds, an average of 28 percent longer than desktop viewing. Video completion rates on tablets were also 30 percent higher than non-tablet mobile devices.

Video ads generate a lot more money than banner ads. Same with audio ads. This could be good news for content producers moving forward, and it’s important to understand how users on different computer platforms consume content.

Keep an eye on these trends.