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Don’t want your nude photos leaked on Internet? Set up two-factor authentication on your iPhone

You don't want to be an iCloud photo sharer.

You don’t want to be an iCloud photo oversharer.

It’s terrible that hackers have stolen nude photos of famous actresses and are sharing them on the Internet, but hackers will try to steal anything and everything that isn’t bolted down.

By default, Apple saves every photo you take with an iPhone to the cloud. It’s a very dangerous phone to sext with, particularly if you haven’t taken good security measures before you start sexting.

A password is not enough. Most of you use really weak passwords, and thus they are kind of worthless. Even if you use a really strong password, social engineering can allow a hacker to reset your password. Those security questions that websites have begun requiring for extra security are either worthless or counter productive.

This is a disposable security code that acts at the second level of authentication for my iCloud account. Once used, the code no longer works.

This is a disposable security code that acts at the second level of authentication for my iCloud account. Once used, the code no longer works.

But two-factor authentication is the real deal. In order to log into an account with two-factor authentication you need both a username and password and a second authentication, usually a code sent to your mobile phone. Even if a hacker has managed to get your username and password correct, they almost assuredly won’t have access to your mobile phone, and without access to your mobile phone to grab a one-time pin, no one can access your account.

iCloud is a great way to automatically back up iPhones and iPads. It, however, backs up everything, even nude photos. If you’re going to be taking nude photos, you should enable two-factor authentication immediately. Even if you aren’t into sexting, I highly recommend using two-factor authentication wherever possible.

I want to make this clear that iCloud’s automatic backups are a great thing. Most of you are very bad at backing up your data. But please take better security measures; there are some very bad people out there, and you deserve better.

Here’s how to set up two-factor authentication for iCloud and your Apple ID:

  1. Go to My Apple ID
  2. Manage your Apple ID
  3. Password and security
  4. Two-step verification
  5. Write down your recovery key and store it in a fire-safe box or somewhere else safe in your house

Episode 71: Twitter is not secure enough for news orgs and pros to use


When hackers are tweeting out fake assassination attempts on the president from reputable news outlet’s Twitter accounts, you know we have an issue.

There have been a string of high profile Twitter hacking cases. The issue is fairly simple: Twitter is not an enterprise tool. It even has significantly less security than Gmail and some other Web apps.

But Twitter is used by large organizations all over the world. Why don’t they care more about security? It threatens the entire legitimacy of Twitter.

Yes, two-factor authentication would be a start, but Twitter needs a lot more than that. And companies would be willing to pay for added security, accounts and features.

We then discuss House of Cards, Netflix and whether or not people care about the anticipation of waiting for new episodes to come out week after week.

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Episode 46: Two factor authentication

We  further discuss Hulu+ in this show, hitting on some of the things that we don’t like about the service. It’s just a little off.

We also delve into two-factor authentication, and why you should sign up for it ASAP.

We also discuss fake screws and journalism.

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