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Episode 135: Year in review


We offer our tech year in review for 2015.

What were our favorite pieces of new tech? What changed our lives the most? What helped us lose weight and get healthier?

And what tech disappointed us or needs additional work?

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Episode 64: Do you want to wear a computer?

We discuss wearable computing from watches to glasses. Now you can finally look like an X-Men team member or Robocop.

Do you want to wear a computer on your body? Jeremy and I discuss how these wearable computing devices could fit into a smartphone world. We don’t see them replacing phones any time soon.

We also discuss the PlayStation 4 failure to launch. So, there’s that.

Also, should the Knight Foundation of paid Jonah Lehrer for talking about his past plagarism? Is there value from hearing him recount his past mistakes?

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Show notes: