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Episode 81: Google Glass can be so much more than just notifications and photos

We discuss the implications of an open API for Google Glass and all of the cool apps and research underway for it.

As a device that does email, Twitter, photos, video, GPS, it’s OK, but nothing to get too excited about. But Google Glass could be so much more than that.

We also discuss data security in the second half of our podcast. Should journalists use Google Docs, Gmail, Dropbox, Basecamp and other Web tools in the wake of what is happening with The Guardian, Snowden and all that? Should journalists know how to encrypt documents and used secure communication channels?

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Episode 78: NSA, can I get a backup of all of my data?


In the middle of a DC heatwave, my air conditioning broke, and we had to record this podcast during that.

But more importantly, we discuss NSA, Snowden and digital security. Can you get your data back from NSA through a FOIA request? Should tech companies stand up more to the NSA? Is your data safe anywhere in the US?

We also discuss Rolling Stone putting one of the Boston Bombers on the cover.

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