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Episode 4: OK, so Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr walk into a bar…

We start off the show talking about the last space shuttle launch ever. EVAR.

It’s a sad way to start the show, and we’re both NASA geeks. But space flight is a really big society and technology topic, and I noticed most my coworkers watching the launch live. What was different is that both of us watched the launch live and shared our experience over Twitter and Google+.

It was a powerful cultural moment.

We also discuss the implications of trying to sell people on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) educations and careers, while also grounding the greatest STEM achievement ever.

We discuss again how Facebook is at its best when you don’t need filters, and how Google+ may have come into being because there is such a strong need for filtering and granularity. Facebook has led to a lot of awkward situations that Google+ is built to avoid.

Somewhere in our whole discussion of Facebook and Googe+, we come to realize that Google+ is the offspring of a Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr threesome. We’re not convinced we like this mental image.

And then we discuss how peer review is archaic. How can the Internet change peer review, and how would Jeremy like to share his research?

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