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Episode 115: God, I’ve got to click on that! What happens next?

Upworthy, the shitty website on the Internet.

Upworthy, the shittiest website on the Internet. The original click-bait whore.

Click-bait, click-bait, click-bait. It makes our blood boil.

We discuss click-bait headlines. Facebook empowered them and now wants to do away with them. You can personally thank Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook for the rise of Upworthy and its crappy brethren.

Facebook killing click-bait is good for news publishers and blogs that don’t want to trade in click-bait.

We also discuss Facebook vs Twitter for getting news and information. A lot of people have complained that news shows up slower on Facebook than on Twitter. Can you get news in real time on Twitter? Does it even matter if Facebook is different at showing news than Twitter?

We finally discuss how Uber is trying to illegal kill competition in the ride sharing business. There’s a rant involved about that.

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