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Apple CarPlay demo videos

Here are some videos of Apple’s CarPlay in action.

When you see it in action, it’s not just that you can see cars getting smarter, but you also realize how this kind of technology will help spur driverless cars. You could essentially use a future version of this technology as your command center, while the car drives itself. I imagine driverless cars to be like autopilot in planes where a driver still needs to know how to drive in an emergency situation.


This video is the most impressive demonstration of the technology we’ve seen so far.




The touchscreen in this car is huge, which seems ideal for this kind of system (bigger screen can mean bigger buttons to tap), but it’s a little laggy (especially when compared to current iPhone speed). That will need to be fixed before launch. The experience should be similar to using an iPhone.  All of these systems, however, are demos right now, and should improve quite a bit before they ship to consumers.  They are still quite impressive.

Mercedes Benz

This is a weird video of b-roll outtakes. I don’t know if it really has any value, but we saw no reason not to include. The two videos above are much, much more interesting.

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Episode 33: Should computers and computing systems auto update?

2010 Ford Edge - Sync 3

We discuss the purchase of Instagram by Facebook.

Jeremy is concerned. I’m taking a wait and see approach.

Then we have a big discussion about computers and computing systems automatically installing updates and patches for users. Most users don’t keep their computers and computing systems up to date. So doesn’t it make sense that more computers and computing systems are auto updating? Won’t this lead to less malware and a better user experience?

But what happens if that computing system being updated is within the car you’re driving?

It’s a serious usability discussion. Both sides have drawbacks and benefits. Perhaps the answer comes down to the user and the use case.

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