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Episode 5: I come not to bury Final Cut Pro X, but to praise it

We spend pretty much the entire hour on Final Cut Pro X, because a topic this big and this controversial deserves thoughtful examination.

We discuss the issues with FCPX, what is really nice about it, who will like this software, who will hate it and why both of us are getting it for our jobs (Jeremy is a journalism professor, and Patrick does Web and social media work).

FCPX is a radical departure from FCP7 and from other non-linear editing software such as Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere. We discuss why for some people this is great and for others, not so great — at least right now.

We also discuss how Apple once had another video editing program called First Cut that eventually became the new iMovie and helped forge the new Final Cut Pro. This explains why iMovie and FCPX work together and share some common features and design sensibilities.

If you’re considering FCPX or video editing, this is a show for you.

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