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Episode 76: Facebook hashtags #youin?


How useful are hashtags?

How useful are they on platforms other than Twitter? Facebook is much bigger than Twitter. Do hashtags make sense for a network with more than one billion people?

We also talk about Instagram video and the new Flickr.

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Episode 7: Why don’t you go ahead and just write me a letter

We kick off talking about the #fuckyouwashington hash tag that Jeff Jarvis started.

Does the profanity bother us? No. Does Twitter censoring the hashtag  bother us? Yes.

We also delve deeper into Lion after using it for a week. We discuss AirDrop, the feature seemingly few are talking about. We go deeper into Lion’s new security features.

We also discuss how Patrick may get a new computer setup, and we spend a long time debating Macbook Airs vs. Macbook Pros.

And we had several other topics that we wanted to touch one, but this podcast aims to dig deep into topics. So that’s all we got to.

We’d also like to thank Alan Smodic for joining us during our Google+ Hangout before the show. Each week before the show we have a public Google+ Hangout where we go over what we’ll talk about on the show and try to get some early thoughts out. We’ll tweet out the link and share it on our Google+ accounts.

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