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Episode 66: The Google Reader Treason and news paywalls

We discuss the awful Google Reader Treason.

And would you trust Google with its new note taking app Google Keep? Is Google Keep something that keeps your data until Google gets bored with it?

We then discuss paywalls and pay meters for news organizations. Which do you prefer and which organizations do you think have made a compelling case for paying for their content?

There is a big difference between The New York Times erecting a pay meter and a local newspaper doing the same. We think the mid-major papers in particular are in trouble.

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Show notes: 

Google+ is the social wrapper around Google’s other products

To me, Google+ isn’t so much a social network in the traditional sense or a direct competitor to Facebook.

Google+ is the social wrapper around Google’s existing products, enticing users to spend more time on those sites, interact more and give everything that Google does a social dimension with a cohesive wrapper. I now use plus.google.com as my launching pad to the Google world. This is why I think Google+ is going to be a success.

It’s not a social network in the Facebook sense of connecting with family and friends. Nor do I think Google+ would find much success being a direct Facebook competitor. Rather I see it as Google 2.0 (or a plused version of Google, if you will) that is bringing social to all of Google’s products.

I use Gmail as my main email client, Google Search as my only search engine, Google Docs for much of the work I do here and elsewhere and sometimes I use the Google Reader Web interface (strongly prefer Reeder). Because of Google+, I have found myself using these products more, and this is Google’s ultimate goal.

Google+ is not an island.

If Google wanted Google+ to be a social networking island, I think it would define success much differently. To be a success that way, Google+ would need to rival Facebook in the number of users. But as a social wrapper around Google’s core products — a way of taking Google into a new decade and phase in the company — its core mission is to get people to use Google’s other products more and more collaboratively.