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Episode 62: Surface Pro, no compromises?


We discuss whether or not the Surface Pro is a no compromise machine or a machine filled with compromises.

Good design is about compromises, after all. And is the future of computing having a tablet or smartphone and docking that device into a keyboard, mouse and big monitor when needed? Are we going to move away from having separate computers, tablets and smartphones?

We also discuss how Skyfall was released first as a digital download before DVD/Bluray. The end of physical media is near. Other big releases such as The Hobbit are coming first to iTunes, Amazon, Vudu and other digital download services.

There’s more.

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More expensive + worse user experience never wins

DVDs and Blu-rays will now carry two unskippable government warnings:

Will the two screens be shown back to back? Will each screen last for 10 seconds each? Will each screen be unskippable? Yes, yes, and yes.

John Gruber nails it:

So to encourage people not to engage in piracy, they’re going to force everyone to watch yet another annoying, time-wasting, gratification-delaying warning screen that can only be avoided by engaging in piracy.

Music piracy started to go downhill once it became easier, faster and safer to download songs legally. Before iTunes, the only way to download music was to do so illegally. People wanted to download music, so what were they supposed to do?

It takes me less than 10 seconds to download a song from iTunes that will automatically sync to my Mac and iPhone and is backed up in the cloud. That’s hard to compete with. Piracy will never match that user experience.

Piracy should never be the more user-friendly option. Going up against easier, faster and free is a losing proposition. It’s incredibly easy to rent and purchase movies and TV shows from Amazon, Apple, Vudu and others. Unfortunately, movie studies are keeping a lot of their content out of digital video stores because they want to push physical media sales — media that comes with two unskippable warnings, outdated trailers and even commercials.

Stop this madness.