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Episode 126: Jeremy gets a new camera (and maybe a smartwatch?)

Not Jeremy's new camera.

Not Jeremy’s new camera.

Jeremy had been talking about getting a new, nice digital camera for awhile. What did he end up getting and why (Pat also got a new camera).

We talk about the effects that recording early in the day is having on the show. But we also talk about smartwatches and how we hope the Apple Watch is a lot better than what is already out there (or this segment is in big trouble).

Jeremy told his class that he is considering getting an Apple Watch. What were their reactions? Jeremy also got a new DSLR camera, the same camera that his classes will be using. How does he like it?

We also talk about mobile payments and how awful the new retailer-backed CurrentC is. Apple and Google have mobile payments that are pretty decent, but a bunch of retailers want you to use their own systems that tie directly into your bank accounts. The system is awful, isn’t secure and doesn’t work with NFC. Other than that, sure it’s good.

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