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Episode 124: We welcome our streaming future


We take a deep dive into Sling TV, the first major streaming TV option available that includes a package of popular cable channels.

What makes this option so compelling is that it includes ESPN and several other channels for $20. With ESPN now available without a cable subscription, the landscape for over-the-top video has changed dramatically.

It’s one thing if a niche channel like HBO allows for streaming without cable, but it’s quite another if the heavyweight in cable, ESPN, is willing to go cable free.

We discuss whether or not we would describe to an entire year of a service like Sling TV or HBO Go or would we do it only for certain shows?

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Episode 121: HBO Go without a cable subscription (above board this time)


HBO Go will finally be available without a cable subscription.

This is huge news for cord cutters.  HBO is one of the big reasons that many people keep cable. But how much will it cost? I don’t think it will be cheap.

We also discuss the merits of CBS also offering a streaming service now as well. CBS is free, after all. So will people pay to be able to stream it as well on different devices?

We also discuss how streaming a la carte could work. We then discuss if this could be the catalyst for sports leagues getting rid of blackout restrictions?

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