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Episode 143: iPhone SE review

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We talk about the best small smartphone on the market.

If you’re looking for a smaller phone to use on the go, this is the way to go. In an era with bigger and bigger smartphones, it’s nice to see that there are still people making smaller phones. Not everyone wants or can use a small tablet as a phone.

We hope that small smartphones don’t go away one day, but the future of them is murky.

We also discuss the Apple Watch and smartwatches. What works with them, what doens’t work? How do we use our Apple Watches?

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Episode 137: Apple’s job is not to make it easy as possible for law enforcement


We discuss the big encryption battle between Apple (and other tech companies) and the FBI.

We discuss why we need encryption. Every person needs and deserves encryption. Criminals and hackers don’t just go after the government, they also go after individuals. Encryption helps keep individual citizens safe from people who want to steal their data, money and identity. Is that not worth protecting?

It’s not Apple’s job, nor anyone’s to make it as easy as possible for law enforcement. That’s why we have the Constitution and other protections.

We also review the new Quartz iPhone and Apple Watch app.

It is certainly unique.

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Episode 131: Google is a company adrift


I had an Apple Watch preordered and then I canceled the preorder and now I’m not sure if I should get one or not now that I can just walk into a store at any time and get one.

We discuss how often the Apple Watch will be updated. Should you wait for version 2 or will version 2 be a few years away? Does it make sense for Apple to upgrade the watch every year?

We discuss how Google hasn’t felt a coherent company in years. Self driving cars? Google Glass? Search engines? Maps? How do these fit together?

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Episode 127: Series A funding for chicken wing and baby wipe business

Jeremy has way too many baby wipes at his house thanks to his automatic online orders.

Jeremy has way too many baby wipes at his house thanks to his automatic online orders.

We discuss subscription services: Diapers, baby wipes, tooth paste, coffee, whatever.

Unlike our parents, we don’t really go the store. Do we have a problem? Do you have a problem? Jeremy has too many baby wipes.

The main event of this show is Pat’s car search. He has a kid now and needs a newer, safer, bigger car. Also, he likes tech. What kind of tech should he get in his car? How is modern tech making cars safer?

Pat goes off on a rant about the state of in-car navigation systems in cars. This also leads to a discussion about the sad state of Apple’s CarPlay.

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Episode 120: Everything in my queue is no longer available on Netflix


We review the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus. Which one is right for you?

Jeremy has a very strong opinion about this. I was also surprised with my opinions of the two.

We’re not small guys, and we think the iPhone 6 Plus is a lot of phone. But, the iPhone 6 Plus may be a phone for other markets.

We also further discuss the Apple Watch, and how much it will cost. The gold Apple Watch may be out of our price range.

We also briefly kick off the show by discussing shows leaving Netflix.

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Episode 118: Apple Watch initial impressions

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Last episode, we said that fashion was really important to making any wearable, well, wearable. Did Apple deliver?

Or did Apple coming out with the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.0, or worse, Google Glass 2.0?

One of us is probably going to buy an Apple Watch. One of us isn’t going to. Find out why.

We also talk about the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the future of smaller smartphones.

Pat’s quest to keep smaller smartphones going may be coming to an end.

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Episode 117: Wearable fashionistas



This is first of our podcasts on wearable computing. This one focuses on fashion, and how that is important to getting people to want to wear technology. Hello Google Glass!

Our next episode is all about the Apple Watch and our impressions of it.

How important is fashion to wearable devices? People wear watches mostly because they look good. Any smartwatch will have to at least look good, let alone work well.

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Episode 116: Brienne of Wisconsin


We discuss the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and what it means for philanthropy and whether or not you should feel obligated to donate to it.

Neither of us has taken the challenge. Find out why.

We also discuss the celebrity photo hacking scandal and what users and phone makers can do to help secure data better.

This show has not one but two encore endings, so stick around.

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Don’t want your nude photos leaked on Internet? Set up two-factor authentication on your iPhone

You don't want to be an iCloud photo sharer.

You don’t want to be an iCloud photo oversharer.

It’s terrible that hackers have stolen nude photos of famous actresses and are sharing them on the Internet, but hackers will try to steal anything and everything that isn’t bolted down.

By default, Apple saves every photo you take with an iPhone to the cloud. It’s a very dangerous phone to sext with, particularly if you haven’t taken good security measures before you start sexting.

A password is not enough. Most of you use really weak passwords, and thus they are kind of worthless. Even if you use a really strong password, social engineering can allow a hacker to reset your password. Those security questions that websites have begun requiring for extra security are either worthless or counter productive.

This is a disposable security code that acts at the second level of authentication for my iCloud account. Once used, the code no longer works.

This is a disposable security code that acts at the second level of authentication for my iCloud account. Once used, the code no longer works.

But two-factor authentication is the real deal. In order to log into an account with two-factor authentication you need both a username and password and a second authentication, usually a code sent to your mobile phone. Even if a hacker has managed to get your username and password correct, they almost assuredly won’t have access to your mobile phone, and without access to your mobile phone to grab a one-time pin, no one can access your account.

iCloud is a great way to automatically back up iPhones and iPads. It, however, backs up everything, even nude photos. If you’re going to be taking nude photos, you should enable two-factor authentication immediately. Even if you aren’t into sexting, I highly recommend using two-factor authentication wherever possible.

I want to make this clear that iCloud’s automatic backups are a great thing. Most of you are very bad at backing up your data. But please take better security measures; there are some very bad people out there, and you deserve better.

Here’s how to set up two-factor authentication for iCloud and your Apple ID:

  1. Go to My Apple ID
  2. Manage your Apple ID
  3. Password and security
  4. Two-step verification
  5. Write down your recovery key and store it in a fire-safe box or somewhere else safe in your house

Episode 110: The king of the neckbeards!

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We are really, really late on posting episodes. Why? Because I just had a baby. Maybe baby Cara will make a guest appearance or two on the show.

We have another episode launching very soon too.

We kick off this episode by discussing The Battle of the Wall, which was the most technically-stunning episode of Game of Thrones so far. But was it enough? Was it great?

Should Game of Thrones have more episodes per season? Is 10 hours of Game of Thrones enough Games of Thrones goodness for each year?

On to the tech discussions! We kick off the tech discussion at 14 minutes in about how smartphones will increasingly become the center of people’s homes with the ability to control lights, home security systems, temperature, etc.

We then discuss using smartphones for health and fitness as well. We really think these areas will truly make smartphones personal computers. This is the next big thing with smartphones (that and controlling cars entertainment systems).

And of course, we somehow discuss net neutrality again. Verizon and Netflix are not BFFs right now. Is it ethical to sell users “bandwidth” they are not actually getting? You can pay for 100 mbps on Verizon and still not be able to stream a 5 mbps Netflix stream because of Verizon.

That sounds like a bait and switch to us.

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