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Episode 138: Where streaming video needs to go (and why Game of Thrones was made for this era)


Streaming has come a long way in the last few years. We look back on those changes and predict where the future will go. And where streaming needs to go. This is our look ahead issue for where tech should go.

Game of Thrones, House of Cards and other shows are made for this era. They have deep story arcs. They are the kinds of shows you need to be able to catch up on. In the pre-streaming era, catching up on a show was really hard to do.

Imagine someone telling you that Game of Thrones is awesome, but it’s six episodes into the season. In 1995, how would you have caught up? You wouldn’t. And Game of Thrones’s popularity would have suffered greatly.

How come I can’t watch more things on my tablet around my house? I only own one TV but my wife and I own two TVs and two laptops. So even if I can watch a football game on my TV, I probably can’t watch it on my TV. That’s very 1990 thinking.

We also talk about making a modern, responsive website. I recently relaunched washingtonian.com.

And a long-term Apple Watch review.

P.S. Google Cardboard is awful VR.

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Episode 135: Year in review


We offer our tech year in review for 2015.

What were our favorite pieces of new tech? What changed our lives the most? What helped us lose weight and get healthier?

And what tech disappointed us or needs additional work?

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Episode 132: My watch only tells time (Apple Watch impressions)


Jeremy brags about how awesome his new Apple Watch is. Unfortunately, my watch only tells time.

I also discuss how I can custom my non-smartwatch watch.

We also discuss Fitbits versus Apple Watches.

We also discuss how awesome the Night King on Game of Thrones is.

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Episode 131: Google is a company adrift


I had an Apple Watch preordered and then I canceled the preorder and now I’m not sure if I should get one or not now that I can just walk into a store at any time and get one.

We discuss how often the Apple Watch will be updated. Should you wait for version 2 or will version 2 be a few years away? Does it make sense for Apple to upgrade the watch every year?

We discuss how Google hasn’t felt a coherent company in years. Self driving cars? Google Glass? Search engines? Maps? How do these fit together?

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Episode 129: This might be confirmation finally that I’m a man


Jeremy discusses why he got the most maverick of Apple Watches, the space gray aluminum one.

We discuss wearable technology fashion. While people care what their phones or computers look like, these aren’t devices that are displayed constantly. How a device looks and the accessories that go with it, is going to be very important for wearable technology.

Remember Google Glass? It was so weird looking that it never had a chance to survive.

Jeremy also explains why he got AppleCare on this Apple Watch.

We also talk what the return rate will be on the Apple Watch. Will it be higher than a typical Apple product?

And of course there is Game of Thrones talk at the end. We talk about how Danny has been making bad decisions left and right.

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Episode 126: Jeremy gets a new camera (and maybe a smartwatch?)

Not Jeremy's new camera.

Not Jeremy’s new camera.

Jeremy had been talking about getting a new, nice digital camera for awhile. What did he end up getting and why (Pat also got a new camera).

We talk about the effects that recording early in the day is having on the show. But we also talk about smartwatches and how we hope the Apple Watch is a lot better than what is already out there (or this segment is in big trouble).

Jeremy told his class that he is considering getting an Apple Watch. What were their reactions? Jeremy also got a new DSLR camera, the same camera that his classes will be using. How does he like it?

We also talk about mobile payments and how awful the new retailer-backed CurrentC is. Apple and Google have mobile payments that are pretty decent, but a bunch of retailers want you to use their own systems that tie directly into your bank accounts. The system is awful, isn’t secure and doesn’t work with NFC. Other than that, sure it’s good.

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Episode 120: Everything in my queue is no longer available on Netflix


We review the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus. Which one is right for you?

Jeremy has a very strong opinion about this. I was also surprised with my opinions of the two.

We’re not small guys, and we think the iPhone 6 Plus is a lot of phone. But, the iPhone 6 Plus may be a phone for other markets.

We also further discuss the Apple Watch, and how much it will cost. The gold Apple Watch may be out of our price range.

We also briefly kick off the show by discussing shows leaving Netflix.

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Episode 118: Apple Watch initial impressions

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 5.19.36 PM

Last episode, we said that fashion was really important to making any wearable, well, wearable. Did Apple deliver?

Or did Apple coming out with the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.0, or worse, Google Glass 2.0?

One of us is probably going to buy an Apple Watch. One of us isn’t going to. Find out why.

We also talk about the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the future of smaller smartphones.

Pat’s quest to keep smaller smartphones going may be coming to an end.

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