The Interchange Project is a blog and weekly podcast devoted to the intersection of technology and the liberal arts. There are lots of places to go if all you want is technology news, opinion, and information. We are more interested in how people use it to create things, how technology becomes a tool for people to create art, literature, or even a better world.

In other words, usability is an important part of the things we cover in our weekly podcasts. Is it accessible to people in a way that lets them do something with it? Your hosts are immersed in these types of questions and discussions.

Beyond our weekly show, this site features blog posts and links to interesting news articles, studies, and blog posts from around the Web. These posts are meant to supplement the podcast, and many of them will become show topics and discussed on our weekly podcast. We use these written posts to get our minds thinking about these topics more in-depth, and based on the reaction that they get and the discussions that follow, we decide whether or not we should talk about them on the show.

Your hosts:

Patrick Thornton  focuses on building fun, usable products for people. He’s the senior director of user experience and strategy for the Economist Group’s CQ Roll Call. Previously, he was the director of digital products for washingtonian.com. He has a human-computer interaction master’s degree from the University of Maryland-College Park and a journalism and political BA from Lehigh University. He also ran NYU’s BeatBlogging.Org project, which studied how journalists used social media and other Web tools to innovate. Find him on Twitter via @pwthornton.

Jeremy Littau is an assistant professor of journalism and communication at Lehigh University and also has 10 years of experience as a working journalist. At Lehigh he teaches courses in multimedia, social media, and a Media & Society course devoted to the social uses and consequences of a mediated world. His research focuses on digital media with an emphasis on social media and civic participation. Find him on Twitter via @jeremylittau.