A look back at 10 years of using Facebook

Facebook is celebrating its 10th anniversary today, and perhaps the coolest thing for users is the Look back tool that creates a short video of your history on Facebook. I joined in 2004, so I have a lot of stuff to go through. Some of my earlier photos aren’t showing up for whatever reason (permissions maybe?), but it’s fascinating. I got a bit choked up.

In these photos you can see my life unfold. There are photos from senior prom (posted to FB a bit later), my wedding day, the day I announced my baby and more. It’s really quite magical. Facebook should make more of these tools available all the time. Why wait for a corporate anniversary to do something truly amazing like this?

If I were Facebook, I’d make this tool available all the time and work on creating other tools like it. This is something that no other, especially newer, social network can compete with.

Maybe Facebook should worry less about being Twitter or this or that and worry about being Facebook. No other social network can match this kind of experience.