Open Government e-book free in honor of Aaron Swartz

Tim O’Reilly and the authors of Open Government, of which Aaron Swartz is one, have made the book free for all to read in a variety of formats, including PDF and E-pub:

Open Government was published in 2010 by O’Reilly Media. The United States had just elected a president in 2008, who, on his first day in office, issued an executive order committing his administration to “an unprecedented level of openness in government.” The contributors of Open Government had long fought for transparency and openness in government, as well as access to public information. Aaron Swartz was one of these contributors (Chapter 24: When is Transparency Useful?). Aaron was a hacker, an activist, a builder, and a respected member of the technology community. O’Reilly Media is making Open Government free to all to access in honor of Aaron. #PDFtribute

I strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to read this book and understand what activists like Aaron Swartz are fighting for.