Matias Slim One keyboard review

The Matias One Slim keyboard looks an awful lot like the Apple wireless keyboard, except that’s it not wireless.

It feels very similar too. It’s also more expensive. It’s still not wireless.

So, why would anyone want this keyboard? Well, a lot of people will.

If you’re like me, and you work with an iPad propped up in a stand next to your main computer, the Matias Slim One keyboard provides an easy way to switch between typing on your computer and typing on your iPad (or iPhone or Android device).

This keyboard comes with built-in Bluetooth, allowing it to be paired with a myriad of portable electronics. I keep my iPad next to my main computer for managing calendars, project management and Twitter. It’s not my main work machine, but it does serve a vital purpose for me, especially since it’s my main machine for meetings.

Keeping the iPad propped up on a stand in vertical orientation is the right ergonomic decision to make. It’s easy to read, and it’s easy on the neck. But it’s really hard to do any kind of typing on the iPad when it’s in a stand; that’s where this keyboard really comes in handy.

Without a keyboard with this switching-capabilities, your options are A) trying to awkwardly type on your iPad while it is in a stand, B) taking your iPad off the stand for typing or C) having a separate Bluetooth keyboard just for your iPad.

This keyboard solves that dillemna, and is by far the best solution I have seen so far. So, how about the rest of the keyboard? It feels very similar to Apple’s island-style keyboards that all Apple laptops and keyboards come with. A lot of PC keyboards are this way too. If you used one of those, you’ve used this keyboard.

It is wired, so if you really want a wireless keyboard, this keyboard is a bit of a bummer. Personally, I find having a wireless mouse much more important than a wireless keyboard, because the mouse cord can screw up your movements. This keyboard isn’t adjustable, and the tilt of it could probably be a little steeper.

A lot of people may find $80 a little steep for a non-wireless keyboard that doesn’t have a tenkey, but there aren’t many competitors to the Matias Slim One keyboard. While this is a keyboard aimed at Mac users, I’ve also tested this keyboard with Windows 7, and found that it works pretty well with Windows.

If you don’t want a low-profile keyboard, Matias also offers a more standard keyboard and a tactile keyboard with this functionality. I myself am a tactile keyboard kind of guy. I haven’t gotten my hands on a Matias One Tactile yet, but I hope to. That might be the keyboard for me, but if you like the way the Apple Bluetooth keyboard feels but want a way to control your smartphone or tablet as well, this is the keyboard for you.

I really like this keyboard.