Toy Store 2 almost lost forever? We’ve come a long way with computer backups.

The 1990s was a crazy time of parachute pants and poor computer backup hygiene.

Toy Story 2 was almost lost to a computer problem and a bad backup. Yes, that Toy Store 2.

We’ve come a long, long way since the 1990s with computer backups. I have several working backups of all of my files. Even when I start a blog post on my iPhone, it is automatically backed up to the cloud.

Today, I’m sure Pixar has many backups of each movie, some onsite, some offsite. With Amazon S3, cheap multi-terabyte drives and modern computers, there really would be no excuse for a company like Pixar to ever lose data.

But in the 1990s? Well, that’s a different story.

The best backup strategy is to have local backups and remote at the same time. I use Time Machine for local backups and Dropbox for remote backups. I have yet to see a failed back up (it’s important to check fairly regularly).

I don’t clone my drive, because I don’t care that much about the applications or the system itself and with the Mac App Store, it’s incredibly easy to restore applications. I can quickly install a new drive drive, install a fresh OS and get my critical applications up.

Today, I think completely cloning a hard drive is only necessary for people who would need to boot from that clone hard drive within minutes. If that describes you, then, yes, check out something like SuperDuper.