My desk is covered in keyboards

Right now there are four different keyboards on my desk: Apple Extended Keyboard, Das Keyboard, Apple Wireless Keyboard and Matias Slim One.

They made keyboards a little bigger 20 years ago. That’s the Das Keyboard in the background for comparisons sake (and Apple Wireless Keyboard in the way back). The Apple Extended Keyboard types like an absolute dream though. Don’t let it’s plus-sizeness fool you.

I’m testing a bunch of keyboards for review. I should have reviews up of the Das Keyboard and Matias Slim One in a few weeks after I use them more. I’m hoping to eventually test the Matias Tactile One as well ( the Matias One keyboards have a button to switch between typing on your Mac and your iPhone/Bluetooth-enabled phone or tablet). The Apple Wireless Keyboard is my normal keyboard, and I picked up a vintage Apple Extended Keyboard for comparison sake.

Please let me know if there is anything about these keyboards that you want me to address in my review. Also, let me know if there are other keyboards that you want me to test.