Nielsen: White people least likely to own smartphones by significant margin

Now this I find fascinating, utterly fascinating. From a new Nielsen report:

Asian-Americans far outstrip other ethnic categories when it comes to smartphone adoption, with 67.3 percent reporting that they own a smartphone, as compared to 44.7 percent of whites. Hispanics were next, with 57.3 percent saying they owned a smartphone; 54.4 percent of African-Americans said that they had taken the plunge.

Part of this can be explained by the fact that older people are less likely to own smartphones and older segments of the population are whiter. Nielsen reports that two-thirds of people surveyed between the ages of 25 and 34 said they used a smartphone. However, we usually see wealthier and more educated segments of the population adopting IT faster, and we’re not seeing that correlate that well with smartphones.

Older, white men in particular cling to their dumbphones. I’m proud of my Dad for owning an iPhone.

It’s becoming clear to me that owning a smartphone is becoming a must for Millennials. Owning a car? Not so much.

What an exciting time to live in for computing.

Source: Washington Post