Episode 36: Hacks and hackers

We begin by discussing my experience at BarCamp NewsInnovation Philadelphia, one of the best (un)conferences around. It brings together journalists and technologists.

What I really like about events like BCNI is that people take the sessions seriously and the audience is engaged and asks lots of questions. The sessions really become great Socratic debates. No one is proposing a session just so they can get in free; BCNI costs $5 and came with free breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The event led me to write a post about taking news beyond the narrative form based on a session I attended.

We then discuss the whole Washington Post blogPost mess. We have to ask, who really made the ethical lapse at the Post?

Also, Jeremy thinks that working on blogPost is the worst entry-level journalism job he has ever heard of.

There are also a few good rants. So buckle up.

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