Clicky keyboards ctd.

Justin Williams reviews the Das Keyboard:

So…how does it type?


Every key press is substantial and satisfying. The keys have a slight inset to them that allows your finger tips to rest comfortable in them. As you push down on the keys, you are greeted with the classic “click-clack” noise of the keyboards of yesteryear. At first the amount of noise coming from my keyboard was incredibly distracting. Working around others it also made me a bit self conscious about my typing. As the week progressed, though, I started to notice the noise less and less. Das Keyboard does makea quieter version of their Windows keyboard. I wouldn’t be surprised if a similar Mac variant made its way to market someday.

But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies:

Aesthetics don’t matter when it comes to getting your work done, but it is hard to not notice the large keyboard that dwarfs my MacBook Air, Cinema Display and Magic Trackpad. It feels incredibly out of place on a modern Mac desktop. If all you care about is aesthetics, don’t even bother trying to use one of these things. You’ll hate it. If you are consistently dressing up as Darth Vader, Das Keyboard will make a lovely addition to your attire.