Episode 27: ESPN, The Sports Cliche Factory

ESPN SportsCenter Set

We start off by discussing Linsanity and racism and how a racist slur has been used several times by ESPN employees while discussing Jeremy Lin.

We then discuss how the iPad 3’s Retina Display resolution will require all apps to be  redone for it with higher resolution assets. The iPad 3 screen will look substantially better and much closer to a printed page when it comes to text, but news orgs will need to update their apps or their images, videos and other assets won’t look good.

And the apps that use images for text? Well they’ll be really screwed. Until apps that use images for text (which is a lot of iPad news apps) are updated, text will look worse on this new display. And when these apps are updated, because text is rendered with space consuming images, these apps will ballon in size.

So, render text with text, not images.

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