Nielsen: 30 million consumers watch TV on mobile devices

I’m surprised by this number. I suspect that tablets are a big part of this and will continue to push more mobile viewing in 2012. If people increasingly want to watch TV and video content on mobile devices, TV and video producers will have to change how they allow content to be viewed.

There is still a lot of TV content that can’t be viewed on mobile devices, and we still live in a cable dominated world. Imagine how many people would watch TV content on mobile devices if we didn’t live in a cable dominated world where its hard to get new content anywhere else. Mobile TV viewing could be exactly what it takes to break up cable and give us shows on our schedules: streaming when we want to view it, not based on a TV schedule.

Imagine being able to get every TV episode every made on something like Netflix. The idea of a DVR would seem silly. Why would I record TV, when I can watch it whenever I want on demand?

Mobile marketer has some more info from the Nielsen study that points to how tablets are changing TV content:

The Nielsen data shows that not only are consumers watching TV on different mediums, they are also interacting with it differently, especially on tablets.

According to the data, 30 percent of tablet owners surveyed said they looked up a product on their tablet after seeing it featured on TV.

Additionally, 40 percent of tablet owners surveyed in the study said they looked up information related to the program while they were watching.