Ohio State football players banned from using Twitter by new coach Urban Meyer

Another day and another coach believes that banning something rather than educating is the way to go.

Cleveland.com reports on some of the reactions from Buckeyes players:

Junior tight end Jake Stoneburner Tweeted from his account,@STONEYEleven:

Twitter=Done. Me=back for senior year, leading this team, and shocking the world!! #gobucks #12-0

Tight end Reid Fragel, who is soon to be converted to offensive tackle, chimed in on his Twitter account, @Fragel88:

New staff new rules. No more twitter, not a big deal and probably for the better. Love our fans, love this place. Go Bucks #2012

I, of course, support education over banning when it comes to communication tools, especially when the institution in question is one of higher education. What was that whole thing about student-athletes?