The lazy tax

I’m nodding vigorously to this post about the absurdity of digital download XBOX 360 games costing more than the physical disc (even with shipping):

My friend calls this the “Lazy Tax” because you pay extra for the convenience of not having a disc to insert into your console when you want to play. This doesn’t make sense to me though. App stores seem to be the future, so why are game manufacturers still encouraging gamers to buy physical media?

Digital download are always going to be cheaper to produce than new physical media. But that doesn’t mean the greed of content companies won’t try to convince you to pay more because “it’s more convenient” for you, completely ignoring that digital downloads are much more convenient for content companies as well. The thing is content companies should sell digital downloads for less, not just because they are cheaper to produce, but also because selling digital downloads for less would mean more sales.

Convenience + better prices (while keeping profit margins) should be a slam dunk winning formula.