Only 5 errors allowed for a high school writing assignment?

I’m all for creating better writers, but this may be a bit harsh:

Starting in January, students at the Summit Christian Academy in Summit, Mo. will have to rewrite their papers if they have more than five errors — and they can’t score any higher than 75% on the second try.

To me, it depends on the errors. Any error that could be caught with a spell checker is inexcusable. That’s just pure laziness. Misspelled names, especially of people, places and organizations central to the piece, are inexcusable as well.

Errors, however, creep into any paper of length. This is why books, magazines and newspapers have copy editors. What is more troubling to me are logical fallacies, unclear writing and structure and writing that isn’t backed up by citations and facts. Frankly, those errors can’t be corrected by simple policies like this.

What do you think?

Source: Romenesko.