1/4th of Starbucks transactions are done with a card, including mobile

Update: This post has been updated to reflect the fact that Mashable got the story wrong. One in four transactions are not done with mobile. Instead, one in four transactions are done with Starbucks cards. A large and growing percentage of those card transactions are done via mobile (the mobile app functions like a Starbucks card that you can reload and set limits on).

Mashable is reporting that one in four Starbucks transactions are done with a card, including the  mobile app:

Less than a year after Starbucks launched an app that allows mobile payments, it has hosted 26 million such transactions on iOS, BlackBerry and Android, according to the chain. One in four Starbucks transactions is now executed via mobile.

We’re not too many years away from a day when it will be rare for people to carry around wallets. People will be able to pay with their phones for everything, and merchants will be able to use mobile phones and tablets to accept payments.

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology was supposed to the dominant way that people make mobile purchases, but the vast majority of mobile phones do not come with this technology. Companies such as Starbucks are finding end arounds to this limitation by creating apps that allow customers to make payments.

Forget going to a cashless society; we’re headed to a wallet-less society.

Source: Mashable.