A Pulitzer Prize for tweeting Ctd

Mathew Ingram is on board with a Pulitzer Prize for tweeting based on the new prize criteria for breaking news:

In a news release about the changes, the Pulitzer board also said it was moving away from looking at print submissions for the category because “it would be disappointing if an event occurred at 8 a.m. and the first item in an entry was drawn from the next day’s newspaper.” Although recent winners have included online elements, most have focused on news packages that appeared in print.

If reporting that occurs “as quickly as possible” is the main criteria, then I think Twitter definitely fits the bill — or is at least a leading contender. Videos uploaded to YouTube or streamed from a news event like the “Occupy Wall Street” protests (as my colleague Janko described in his recent post on videographers becoming citizen journalists) are also clearly real-time, but nothing matches the speed that is possible with 140-character text messages and links on Twitter, and videos and photos often spread this way as well.