Spot.Us has merged with Public Insight Network, gains at least another year of life

David Cohn, founder of the crowd-funded journalism site Spot.Us, has announced this his project will be merging with the Public Insight Network.

Spot.Us started as Knight News Challenge project in 2008 and has been looking for  permanent home since the funding from the Knight grant ran out. Cohn says says that Spot.Us will be able to fund itself as a project for the first year of the merger and hopefully longer if the revenue grows.

Spot.Us allows anyone to propose a story idea and for individuals to fund the story. The model is similar to Kiva and Kickstarter. A lot of quality journalism has come out Spot.Us, but there has always been the issue of sustaining the project financially.

Hopefully this merger will allow Spot.Us to continue to exist and even grow. Spot.Us itself is a great idea. It just needs a way to not only fund the journalism it produces but also fund the project itself.

The Public Insight Network helps connect journalists with sources. Anyone can become a public source on the site in an area that they are knowledgeable about. The Public Insight Network is part of American Public Media, which produces shows such as Marketplace.