That bell ringer accepts more than cash now: Salvation Army to accept donations with Square readers

Square is helping small businesses accept credit cards without complicated and expensive point-of-sale systems. Now the Salvation Army is hoping these little credit card readers that go in the top of iPhones can help raise more money during the holidays:

The Salvation Army is the latest company to use the mobile Square credit card reader, and plans to use it at storefronts in several cities, including San Francisco and New York. While everyone’s favorite holiday bell ringers have tried credit card terminals in the past with little success, the Salvation Army is hoping the tiny, portable card readers will make it easier for shoppers to quickly swipe and donate.

Being able for people to pay with their smartphones or a credit card would make this much more attractive. Making it easy and cheap to accept credit card donations is a good idea. But what if a donation didn’t even require a credit card?