Episode 09: Babies like usability

Baby Sees The iPad Magic

This week we focus on usability, usability, usability. And babies. And walking.

What good is technology if it doesn’t make our lives easier? What good is technology if it’s not easy to use? What good is technology if it doesn’t help us do things we couldn’t do otherwise and help us do other things even better?

We start the show by focusing on iPhone and iPad applications that help with pregnancy,  birth and after the baby is born. Jeremy discusses which apps helped him and his wife out with their new baby.

The conversation then turns to walking, but don’t run away. I review the Fitbit, which is the geekest pedometer you’ll ever find. It’s not the cheapest, and some do more things, but it is the most usable and it really gives you great data.

Things are a little slow around the Interchange Project with Jeremy’s new baby and I have a few things that I need to wrap up this week. But next week and the rest of the year, we should be back with more great stuff.

Thanks for your support.

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