76% of American Internet users get news online, almost all use search and email

It’s fascinating to see how ubiquitous all of these activities are getting. And look at social media: In 2007 it was around 17 percent and now it is at 65 percent. Just four years ago!

If you have the time, it’s worth checking out the full Pew report here.

A few other tidbits of interest:

  • 87 percent of those 65-and-older Internet users report using search engines. How can you go online and not use a search engine? All the demographics agree with that.
  • Those who graduated from college and have the highest income are the biggest users of search engines. 96 percent of college grads use search engines and 98 percent of those in the highest income bracket use search engines. Compare that to 81 percent for those with only some high school education and 90 percent for those in the lowest income bracket. Clearly education has a bigger impact on search engine use then income. Is it that going to college makes one more computer literate or that going to college makes one more of a knowledge seeker? Or that being a knowledge seeker inspires one to go to college?
  • People love email. There isn’t a huge difference between the different age demographics in email use, and contrary to many email-is-dead proclaimers, email usage is highest among the 18-29 set.