Twitter ditch its 140-character limit? Are you insane?

Several uber-geeks are suggesting it is time for Twitter to change how it operates, but Mathew Ingream logically points out how that makes no sense:

But wouldn’t it be better if Twitter offered better video and image embedding like Google+, or included engagement metrics with each tweet like the kind you can get with Topsy, or made it easier to follow conversations, as Scoble says they should? Not necessarily, no. In fact, some of those things could clutter up what has become a great example of a simple service that does something useful really well — namely, allows people to post and distribute their thoughts and links quickly and easily.

Certainly Twitter could improve (like having links and usernames not count towards the 140-character limit), but to radically change what Twitter is because a few geeks who constantly chase what is new are getting bored? Well, that’s a very bad idea.

Why doesn’t Facebook do away with that whole friends concept and just allow people to follow whomever they want while we are at it?

Twitter has more than 200 million users for a reason. Facebook has more than 750 million users for a reason. If you like Google+ that’s great, but that doesn’t mean that Twitter should radically change what people love about the service.