35% of US adults own a smartphone, more than half of new sales are smartphones

More than half of new cell phone sales are smartphones, with 35% of all US adults having a smartphone now. The trend toward everyone carrying around pocket computers continues. Pew just released new data today with some fascinating tidbits:

  • 35% of US adults own a smartphone of some kind. The financially well-off, college graduates, those under the age of 45, and non-whites are especially likely to be smartphone owners.
  • 25% of smartphone owners say that they do most of their online browsing on their smartphone, and around one third of this group lacks traditional broadband access at home.
  • 35% of smartphone owners have an Android phone, while iPhones and Blackberry devices are each owned by 24% of smartphone adopters. Android phones are especially prevalent among young adults and African-Americans, while iPhone and Blackberry adopters skew towards those with relatively high levels of income and education.

Mobile computing is the next big frontier of computing. And I mean BIG.