Episode 1: The Beginning

Every story has a beginning. This is ours.

The first episode of the Interchange Project is rough around the edges. It’s lightly edited, at best. It doesn’t even have intro and outro music. It starts a bit slow, but we begin to find our groove once we get going.

This is a soft launch. We want your feedback. What do you like about this episode and concept? What don’t you like?

What the Interchange Project is today is far different than it will be even a month from now. We want this to be a show where you can get meaningful news and discussion around technology, media, information, usability, design and the social sciences.

Join your hosts Patrick Thornton and Jeremy Littau, as we look at how technology intersects with the liberal arts.

Below you’ll find the show notes, which are the topics we talked about, complete with links if applicable.

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Show notes: