A very soft launch

Hello everyone. This is Patrick Thornton. I do a mixture of journalism, blogging, social media and Web work. I’ve always been fascinated by how and why people use technology, particularly computers and the Internet.

I’m also interested in making technology more usable and easier to use. While I am a geek myself, technology isn’t just for geeks.

I ran NYU’s BeatBlogging.Org project, which studied how journalists used social media and other Web tools. Many of the lessons I learned from that project will help me with this one.

The core of this project is our weekly podcast, where we discuss what is happening in the world of technology and the liberal arts. We’re really looking at how technology, media, information, usability, design and the social sciences intersect and interplay together.

This is a very soft launch. We’re still using the default WordPress theme. That will be changing in due time. We’ll add new features, have a better design and have more content for you.

But we want you to be a part of the process of building this project up. Your feedback is most welcomed.