Episode 143: iPhone SE review

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We talk about best trading platform south africa the best small smartphone on the market.

If you’re looking for a smaller phone to use on the go, this is the way to go. In an era with bigger and bigger smartphones, it’s nice to see that there are still people making smaller phones. Not everyone wants or can use a small tablet as a phone.

We hope that small smartphones don’t go away one day, but the future of them is murky.

We also discuss the south african trading platforms Apple Watch and smartwatches. What works with them, what doens’t work? How do we use our Apple Watches?

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Episode 141: Jon Snow, now upper management material


We set the board best trading platforms south africa for the rest of the season and perhaps the rest of the show.

We have big predictions for Game of Thrones. Do you agree? Share your thoughts.

We’ll be back to your favorite tech and liberal arts topics next week (with some Game of Thrones at the end).

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Episode 140: Kicking off Season 6 of Game of Thrones (and episode 1 recap)


This show is dedicated to kicking off Season 6 of Game of Thrones and recapping the first episode.

Beyond talking about the first episode, we also talk about where we think the show is going. Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Should we bend the knee to the Night’s King?

Is Jon Snow coming back? Are Ramsay’s days numbered?

Share your Game of Thrones thoughts with us on Twitter @pwthornton and @jeremylittau.

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Episode 139: How to fix Twitter (and why can’t we vote online?)

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In this heated primary season, we discuss why isn’t it easier to vote?

Why can you file your taxes online but you can’t vote online? It might not be an accident that voting is still not that easy and somewhat time consuming.

Why can’t you tweet your vote? I mean, how much different is the caucus system than tweeting your vote out anyway?

The real show starts at about 15 minutes in. We discuss our immense frustrations with Twitter and the people running it. We have a plan for how to fix Twitter.

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Episode 138: Where streaming video needs to go (and why Game of Thrones was made for this era)


Streaming has come a long way in the last few years. We look back on those changes and predict where the future will go. And where streaming needs to go. This is our look ahead issue for where tech should go.

Game of Thrones, House of Cards and other shows are made for this era. They have deep story arcs. They are the kinds of shows you need to be able to catch up on. In the pre-streaming era, catching up on a show was really hard to do.

Imagine someone telling you that Game of Thrones is awesome, but it’s six episodes into the season. In 1995, how would you have caught up? You wouldn’t. And Game of Thrones’s popularity would have suffered greatly.

How come I can’t watch more things on my tablet around my house? I only own one TV but my wife and I own two TVs and two laptops. So even if I can watch a football game on my TV, I probably can’t watch it on my TV. That’s very 1990 thinking.

We also talk about making a modern, responsive website. I recently relaunched washingtonian.com.

And a long-term Apple Watch review.

P.S. Google Cardboard is awful VR.

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Episode 137: Apple’s job is not to make it easy as possible for law enforcement


We discuss the big encryption battle between Apple (and other tech companies) and the FBI.

We discuss why we need encryption. Every person needs and deserves encryption. Criminals and hackers don’t just go after the government, they also go after individuals. Encryption helps keep individual citizens safe from people who want to steal their data, money and identity. Is that not worth protecting?

It’s not Apple’s job, nor anyone’s to make it as easy as possible for law enforcement. That’s why we have the Constitution and other protections.

We also review the new Quartz iPhone and Apple Watch app.

It is certainly unique.

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Episode 136: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review (and should the prequels be remade?)


We review Star Wars: The Force Awakens this week.

It’s a good movie, but how does it stack up to other Star Wars movies? We discuss whether or not this new team should redo the awful Star Wars prequels.

You can listen to most of the episode without hearing spoilers, and we announce any spoiler discussion ahead of time. Just hit the 30 second skip ahead button in your podcast app.

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Episode 135: Year in review


We offer our tech year in review for 2015.

What were our favorite pieces of new tech? What changed our lives the most? What helped us lose weight and get healthier?

And what tech disappointed us or needs additional work?

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Episode 134: Jeremy got an Apple watch


Jeremy reviews the Apple Watch.

He tells us what he likes, what he doesn’t like and what he hopes to see in the future.

He’s been using it a lot for health and fitness, and this could be a big area for the Watch moving forward.

We also talk about iOS 9 and the new features for the iPad that will increase multi-tasking.

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